Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef

After the all clear on the cyclone risk we decided to head further North to Coral Bay an excellent spot for visiting the Ningaloo Reef. We were all keen to use our snorkeling skills and see some marine life. thumb_IMG_5258_1024 Whilst we don’t usually choose caravan parks we decided to stop here for a couple of nights –  we have been finding it a bit hard to avoid caravan parks as there are limited ‘free camps’ in a number of the locations we have visited. thumb_IMG_5257_1024 Coral bay is a tiny town on the coast with two caravan parks, a backpackers, one hotel, 4 restaurants, a bakery, a newsagent, a dive shop, and a new pub. We had to stay at one of the caravan parks and the ‘Peoples’ park was recommended and this was closer to the beach but not by much.   The beach in coral bay is beautiful crystal clear water and there were an abundance of small an big fish only metres from shore. Andrew had all the children snorkeling and getting in practice for the potential Whale Shark adventure. Aaron loves snorkeling, Holly whilst a confident swimmer and happy to snorkel was initially a bit intimidated by large snapper swimming right up to our faces. Bianca loved seeing the big fish and was almost fearless but even with the half wet suits on she was feeling cold in water temperatures of 26’C. Beautiful Coral Bay We rode our bikes around Coral Bay which was really great. Ready to tackle bike with no training wheels! Trailer bike riding fun Riding around together Preparing dinner at camp. thumb_IMG_5259_1024 thumb_IMG_5293_1024   Bianca wanted to ride her bike with the big kids and asked for the training wheels to come off. Andrew took her on many a lap of he caravan park and she was doing a great job with much encouragement from both Aaron and Holly. We tried out luck with fishing on a beach just out side the marine park zone and we thought for certain we would catch one of the big snapper that we had been snorkelling with but somehow the big snapper seem to know where the marine park ends and they weren’t biting on our bait. Sunset fishing was still fun and beautiful. Sunset at fishing Fishing at sunset Coral Bay Fishing at Coral bay b thumb_IMG_4496_1024

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