Karijini the amazing Pilbara

We were excited to arrive in the Pilbara after the gorgeous coast. When we arrived at Karijini we went to the information centre and booked our camping and we were told there had been two snake bites in the past week – so we were all on the alert for snakes. At the visitor centre they gave us kids information work books which had activities and information about the country and culture, animals and the gorges of Karijini – these were a great project for the kids.

View of the waterfall in Dales Gorge

View of the waterfall in Dales Gorge


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Karijini is the second largest National Park in WA and the traditional owners are the Banyjima, Yinhawangka and Kurrama Aboriginal People and they know the Hamersley Range as Karijini. I can understand why this country is special to the traditional owners and should be respected. It is a place for the soul. The park attracts 200-300 thousand tourists from Australia and all over the world and it is easy to see why, the spectacular red gorges were breath taking it is so beautiful – especially breath taking when you had a swim in the pools.


We had our bikes and rode out to the start of the walking trails. (not far from camp) All the trails are well sign posted and there are difficulty grading placed on the walks from 1 easy to 5 difficult. We went down the first grade 4 walk into the Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool (Jobula) They were both awesome. IN the morning we swam in the Fortescue Falls which were quite warm and in the afternoon we came back with noodles so the kids could comfortably swim across to the waterfall.

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The next day we walked the circuit of Dales Gorge across the and then down through the gorge looping back to our bikes. We really enjoyed the different paths from grassey trails, to big rocky climbing, passing stepping stones across water and taking in the amazing scenery. It was beautiful just being in the gorge and looking at the huge scale of the rock walls above. We had lunch along the way and went for a swim at both ends. Another amazing day – we are really lucky.

Fern Pool

Fern Pool


At the Circular Pool Andrew insisted on a dip and we had been warned it was possibly the coldest of the pools and it was freezing! Holly was wise to stay dry but Aaron, Bianca Andrew and I swam across to the waterfall which was warm but the pool was freezing. Bianca was reluctant to cross back and we were all shivering when we got out with one towel to share between us! The pool is in shade all day and was really cold.

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Circular Pool - water was freezing

Circular Pool – water was freezing


As we rode back around the camp loop we spotted a Prado with Victorian number plates and it was the family from Brunswick who are friends of a friend and left town the same week we did. We caught up for a drink and the kids had a ball jumping around the camper trailer whilst the adults shared travel experiences and plans. It was a great night and lucky to meet up finally but kids were late to bed.

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  1. Hi there McIntosh family We love getting your blogs and we are following g you around Australia . Take care love mrs B and year 1

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    • Hi Mrs B and year 1
      We are having a great time and learning about lots of different people and places around Australia.
      Thanks for reading our blog we hope you enjoy seeing a bit about all our adventures.


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