Savannah Way – Roper Bar and Ngukurr

The Savannah Way is a collection of roads linking a tourist route from Broome to Cairns. Leaving Mataranka, Elsey NP the Roper Highway is an unsealed road alternate route which of course we chose to follow. This route… Read More

Mataranka – Elsey NP and the Bitter Springs

Our next stop was Mataranka – a small town next to the Elsey National Park this National Park was established from the purchase of Elsey Station which is famous due to the Australian classic ‘We of the Never… Read More

Adelaide River Crocodile Jumping

We packed camp and took the trailer to get new tyres on the way out of Darwin just to be sure they were safe for the trip home. After the tyres we headed up the road past Humpty… Read More

Crab Claw Island Resort

From Litchfield we headed out to the coast to Crab Claw Island Resort….up here the words resort are used liberally – if you have a restaurant, accommodation, toilets, showers and swimming pools you can qualify for the name… Read More